The Old Bakehouse Millennium Green

Morpeth’s Secret Garden



Here is the original planting plan for the garden with some later additions:

Gardens do not stand still and as the Green has matured we have had to make changes to the planting scheme. For example, the holly tree near the entrance died so we removed it and planted an oak tree which had been germinated from an acorn collected from local woods in 2000. We took the opportunity to make the entrance more welcoming with spring bulbs, hellebores and hostas.

After ten years the main task has been to coppice and prune the trees in the woodland area and in the hedge along the Post Office wall. The “hedge” was becoming dominated by cornus saplings and presented a rather monotonous appearance. The entrance area was too shaded by a cherry and an alder.

We decided to take out some trees completely and replace with a variety of evergreen shrubs such as viburnum and variegated holly.

All this work has been tackled enthusiastically by the Trustees and Friends, aided by a grant from the Community Foundation serving Tyne and Wear and Northumberland who paid for a tree surgeon for a day.

Spring flowers at the entrance to the Green
The wildflower area comes to life in 2013